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“3 Martial Arts Self Defence Classes Harrow Free”

Yes! you can have a martial arts Course Free ……
each course consists of 3 free lessons per new student at self defence classes Harrow.

No Catches ,No hidden small print.
Why are we giving away Courses free?

Simply because we want to introduce you to Kuk Sool Won at self defence classes Harrow

To introduce you to the benefits of Traditional Martial Arts that were originally taught to specially selected noblemen of the Korean Royal Nobility .

And …that provide a unique and precious form of physical, mental,emotional training for dedicated practitioners and to let you find out how our Kuk Sool Won Instructors demonstrate their high level of instructional skill , that lets you experience Martial Arts in a safe and enjoyable way at self defence classes Harrow.

But hurry while places are available !!!

But hurry while places are available !!!
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How to Stay Fit and Defend Yourself

Now the Martial Art Way with Traditional Korean Martial Arts

These traditional Martial Arts were taught to specially selected noblemen of the Korean Royal Nobility and then eventually to the Elite Martial Art Masters of todays Korea who developed it into a comprehensive Martial Art at self defence classes Harrow.

Kuk Sool Won is a Traditional Korean Martial System
comprising of 31 different Martial Arts

In short 31 of these “Korean Royal Arts fighting arts “ are in one system which continues in improving and modernizing them called Kuk Sool Won.

The Benefits of Martial Arts are a Treasure

The result is the Martial Art System of Kuk Sool Won that was in ancient times practised in secret , but its sophistication helped smaller kingdoms to ward off enemies. Martial arts power is harmony and balance . The benefits of Martial Arts are a treasure that we should all work to develop and maintain at self defence classes Harrow.

A unique and precious form of physical, mental, emotional training

Traditional martial arts provide a unique and precious form of physical,mental, emotional training for dedicated practitioners. and the physical relaxation learned naturally becomes mental relaxation

Who taught your teacher’s teacher ?

In martial arts it is important to know who is teaching you and who taught your teacher and who taught your teacher’s teacher . In Kuk Sool Won the lineage goes back to Grand Master In Hyuk Suh.
All Black belts are directly awarded by the Grand Master.

Powerful Martial Art Techniques are Taught

Essentially this means that very powerful martial art techniques are taught the same way they were taught to ancient Korean royalty.

Special breathing techniques

The fact is You can develop mental and physical control .Find out how to use techniques handed down from ancient Korean Royal Kingdoms in conjunction with internal training and special breathing techniques
and external training with emphasis on effective self-defense and counter attack techniques.

What does this mean?

Internal training is based on breathing control to enable power and energy to be generated internally. External power the body must learn to move in a coordinated manner and with relaxation using kicks ,strikes and joint locks, pressure point and throwing techniques to develop this power enabling even a small person to generate enormous energy for self-defen e  at self defence classes Harrow.

Traditional martial arts regard the entire person:body,
mind and spirit as important.

Discover the philosophies of non-violence and compassion as well as codes of conduct such as the famous Five Commandments of ancient Korean warriors.

Learn at your own pace

Whats more learn a multitude of techniques for self defence using counter attacks . In brief its easy and fun as you will learn at your own pace in an organised and traditional environment .

A high instructor to student ratio

That’s why there is a high instructor to student ratio , all instructors have had at least five years training and have trained with UK and Korean masters (who themselves will have studied martial arts at least 25 years ). All Instructors will have had an amazing amount of instructional experience with young people and adults.

Traditional martial arts have been practiced ever since the beginning of time.

And that’s just the start as Experiencing a friendly environment with a focus on developing your fitness , balance ,speed, power ,flexibility and concentration . Instructors teach from a very well defined syllabus ,with regular gradings .

All ages and abilities

Whats more all ages and abilities ,
registered disabled are currently training .

Your fitness strength, mental and physical focus

In short your fitness strength, mental and physical focus will continually be enhanced .

Ring our Self Defence Classes training hot line 0207 060 5899

Ring our training hot line 07788166357 . Have a chat our information officer to see what training location would be suitable and answer any questions you might have.

Most welcome

All new potential Martial Artist are most welcome to come down to the Dojang (Training Hall) and see a training session for yourself .
See the Instructors and Martial Art Students in action for yourselves .

Try the Kuk Sool Won training experience for free

Try the Kuk Sool Won training experience for free , try five lessons(one course) for free before you decide to join and you will have gained the knowledge of at least 4 simple techniques to escape from being grabbed by a stronger attacker. You’ll also be glad to know that training in Kuk Sool won fitness training is integral to develop martial art skills which best of all leads to fitness strength and a healthy lifestyle.

But it is not right for everyone

There two issues for you to be aware of, That first it takes a regular commitment to achieve the fitness, flexibility and coordination . By the way most students are so dedicated they rarely miss a training session.

Second, you must have the warrior spirit to never give up.

Places are strictly limited. So call quickly

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