What to Look for in Martial Art Classes!

What to Look for in Martial Art Classes!
The Instructors
Who taught the Instructors and is that verifiable?

How long has the Instructor/s been training?

Are the Instructors approachable and friendly?

The Classes
Are the Classes well run?

Are the Classes Orderly?

Is the Training hall suitable and well lit?

The Syllabus
Is there a structured syllabus and belt system?

Are there regular gradings?

Are the gradings well organised and fair?

The Martial Art
Is the founder of the Art well known and respected?

Has the Martial art appeared in national Martial Magazines over a period of time?

Do any of the Instructors contribute to National Martial Art Magazines?

New Students
Are New students supervised ?

Do All classes start with a warm and end with a warm down?

Ensure new students work within their capabilities ?

Do the Instructors have good etiquette and attitude?

Do the students have good etiquette and attitude?

Is Safety a priority?

Can you try the art before joining?

Can you come and watch any class?

Has the art been in the public domain for over 30 Years?

Has the founder been taught by great masters?

Have the Founders students been a credit to the Founder?