“Attn: Parents w/Great Kids”

“Attn: Parents w/Great Kids”

A – At Our Martial Art Classes you will see Kids who know How to teach a series of martial art moves called forms.

B – Another helps the Instructors run the classes has incredible Physical Fitness and Persistence .

C – Another kid has learnt the power of Focus, Self Control understands the power of giving !

About 30 more – so I won’t give you 20 pages of details.

But THIS is the Group – YOU want your kids to hang around with .
Hi, Who can help your kids get what THEY want from life… YOU can get Information about this Opportunity in your Mail Box.

What’s it all about?
Has anyone ever spent time with you as a kid, teaching you:

**How to learn Focus and attention and block out distractions** ?
**Relationship skills that enhance your social life and help your career?
**How to teach your child to handle responsibility?
**How to create a Positive Outlook**
**How to teach your child move outside the “comfort Zone”**
** How to make sure you Empower your child with unstoppable self-confidence**”

If you’re like most people, no one ever has.

Until Now!
Traditional Korean Martial Arts is an incredible experience held at Harrow Leisure Centre , areas critical to the their future, life-long success.


YES – you can jump on-line and register for 5 FREE lessons.
YES – You can phone and register for 5 FREE lessons
YES – You can talk to all Instructors…

You – as a VIP buyer and friend – Deserve VIP treatment – PERIOD. You WILL TALK directly to the KSW program Instructor FIRST.

DO It NOW – #1 – Email me at (info@ksdc.org.uk) or call (0207 175 8979) and say, “Andy/Dave – Here is my Name and Telephone Number and Address . Please arrange my 5 Free Martial Art lessons

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